PCOS may be frustrating to deal with and it may bring on a lot of unexplained symptoms BUT don’t let it take control of you and what you want to accomplish.

I have done extensive research on this disorder, on hormones, the metabolism, diabetes, glucose, and what it all boils down to is that everyone is a little different when it comes to food and its effects on their body.

There are many variables such as how well you process carbohydrates, how much movement you get in a day, are you insulin resistance, how much sleep do you get, how much stress are you under?

All of these differ in every person and it makes an impact on how well your body tolerates foods. However, there are general guidelines and that is a good place to start. I tell my clients to start at the baseline and journal everything. It is only then you can determine what works and doesn’t work for you.

The one area that I have seen that is pretty consistent in each of my personal PCOS clients and myself is in how we train. For years, I used to do high intensity cardio 4-5 days a week because that is what science showed to be the best way to burn fat. So even when I lifted weights and instead of resting in between exercises, I jumped around and did little bursts of cardio drills.

When I had a large cyst form and I had to take a week off of my normal exercise routine, all I could do is take my dogs for a long steady walk every night and lift weights with longer rest periods. This is where the light bulb went off for me. I was actually getting less puffy and felt leaner. Although it may be boring- it keeps the body calm and that’s what training with PCOS is all about.

You see, we have to work out everyday intensely but the secret to winning at that is how we use that intensity. 5 days a week of heavy lifting with 1-2 minutes rest in between is intense. I can burn 800 calories training my shoulders without the cardio bursts. Because now I train with intensity by the amount of weight I move and the amount of sets I perform with good form. I always finish my lifting workouts with 20-30 minutes of walking on an incline treadmill (which gets the heart rate up without stressing the body)

I do set aside 1-2 days of high intensity interval training for 20-30 minutes and this is been what has worked for me for years. We have gotten into the mindset that to burn calories means heavy breathing on a cardio machine or jogging around the block 100 times. That’s not the only way to raise the metabolism. 

Our bodies seem to produce more cortisol (the stress producing hormone) so it is very important to keep our bodies in a state of calmness. Your body cannot tell the difference between good stress and bad stress so you have to. 

The work that I require of my PCOS clients:

-4-5 days of resistance training

-1 full day off of exercise but that doesn’t mean sitting around all day

-1-2 days of HIIT

– 500 calories burned during exercise every day

-10,000 steps hit every single day

This is what leans out a PCOS body. If you are serious about taking care of your health, training for longevity and health then keep reading…

However, if you feel you cannot commit to this type of program that I wish you the best of luck, I really do; just promise me you won’t settle for short term weight loss over controlling your health. Don’t fall for gimmicks because I am here to tell you there are no tricks or short cuts NO MATTER who is promising it.

The only way to a healthy goal is with hard work, consistency, and daily effort. You have to start with the mindset. Don’t look at the requirements looking for the things you hate or can’t do. The word “can’t “ is just in your mind. It’s what you tell yourself with things get tough. Well guess what… Living with PCOS is tough and you are already doing that so change the mindset and look at what you can do.

I love going to the gym, it is the one thing I can control with the craziness of PCOS. I control if I show up or not, how much effort I put into, if I sit all day and let my mind tell me to be lazy or I get it up and control my life.

What’s your decision?

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