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April 9, 2019

 You know I love to share any of my findings with my friends and this is the BOMB!

Allow me to give you a little back story first. I love drinking my coffee in the mornings. It isn’t really the coffee taste itself because I actually think it tastes pretty nasty but it is the calming act of sitting and sipping a hot beverage from an over sized mug. It is truly the best way to start your day. This is when I answer emails, post on my social media, and check on my online clients before my day gets crazy.

I hate to admit that the only way I could enjoy the flavor was by adding in my sugary creamer and a little stevia. Throughout the years, I have tried several different coffees, different coffee makers (which drove my husband crazy) and forget about when we went on vacation. Since I didn’t have access to my creamer and my particular way of making “my cup of coffee” I had to resort to visiting the sugary coffee shops to get my caffeine fix.

Fast forward to a week ago while I was browsing Instagram, someone was talking about Coffee Over Cardio and how it was a clean bean and she was holding this adorable little bag of coffee called Saturdaze, a chocolate donut brew. The packaging was so cute and the name of the coffee sounded like it would be delicious so I decided to do some research on them. They used an Arabica coffee from South America (did you know coffee beans are highly contaminated which always bothered my sensitive stomach) so this sounded like something I should try.

I ordered a sample bag of all 4 flavors plus their coffee creamer, Vanilla Caramel (I mean c’mon). It was a powered creamer made with MCT Oils and 2 patented ingredients, Teacrine and Cognizin. *Teacrine is a supplement containing the naturally occurring ingredient theacrine and theacrine, which has been shown to boost energy and focus. *Cognizin is a chemical in the brain that occurs naturally in the body to supply the brain with energy.

What I love

What I also loved about Coffee Over Cardio was that they were a direct trade company and didn’t have any gluten or soy. Their creamers contain the slightest bit of dairy (I am lactose intolerant and I have had no issue with the trace amount from the whey in the creamer) and BONUS- the creamer is only 20 calories and no sugar.

I wanted to test it out for a week before making any decisions on what I thought about the coffee or the creamers and I am here to say I am addicted. This brand finally solved all my issues with coffee. The packaging allows me to take it with me on vacation whether our hotel has a Keurig or a coffee maker. Since the creamer doesn’t have to be refrigerated I can even travel easily with it and have my coffee, the healthy way and not visit those sugary coffee shops again.

I just placed my second order with all my favorites. The other part is I did the math on what I was purchasing before  and I am even saving money monthly ANOTHER BONUS. It is a win win situation for me. I only share what I believe will benefit all of you and this I have to say is something you MUST try. I encourage you to start with the sampler and see what your favorite is. I truly love the 4 I have tried but if I HAD to pick a favorite it would be Messy Bun as my #1 and Saturdaze as my # 2. I do put the #workflow mixed in with my coffee for that extra caffeine in the mornings.  The workflow is my husbands favorite and the Birthday Cake is my daughter’s.

They are coming out with some new flavors this year and I hear the Pumpkin Spice in the Fall is a huge favorite (I can’t wait to try that one because pumpkin is all the things). I am behind this company and their coffee 100% so I did sign up to be one of their Barista Babes which means I get to pass along a savings code to you. This is the first time I have felt that strongly about a product. But when it’s that good- you share.

If you would like to try it out use my code 10coffeelove to get 10% off your order http://coffeeovercardio.com?aff=394

I would love to hear which ones you order and which become your favorites.




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