Happy 8 Year Anniversary

October 17, 2016

We went from teaching boot camps in a beauty salon, Lions Club, SportsCom, church gym, and now our own private studio. We’ve added several new certifications to our profiles, added more trainers, added new programs, and have laughed a lot every minute in between.
It is our 8th Anniversary of transforming bodies and minds in the Middle Tennessee area. We have had the privilege of meeting with hundreds of men and women throughout the years; many which are still with us. We couldn’t love what we do more!!!
We have learned many new things from each and every one of our clients during this time.
Thank you for trusting in us over the years with your insecurities, secrets, weaknesses and allowing us to help you overcome the obstacles. Whether you have been a private training client, a boot camper, small group client, or just followed our social media feed throughout the years- we appreciate you all.
We are looking forward to what new adventures we will be blessed with in the next 8 years. I am so grateful for this path I have been on because I love helping others as I was once one of those women who was intimidated by the gym and feared lifting heavy weights. I absolutely love watching the transformations not just physically but mentally as well. Check out some of our past transformations.
Thank you so much for your loyalty,
Julie Wilcoxson,
Transformations 4 Life

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