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About me

About me

Transformations 4 Life is about balance. We strive to help our clients reach their goals in a healthy “non-extreme” healthy manner. We do not believe in diets and fasting and excessive cardio gimmicks, we believe in science, facts, and educating our clients with that same knowledge.

Our approach is teaching our clients how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying life and fitting in time for exercise, walks, and delicious recipes. We love to show our clients what they are capable of while guiding them through mobility, customized workouts, nutrition, kitchen and dining out tips, and making time to unplug. We even help you with your sleep patterns.

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about that hour that you are working out, it is about every hour outside of our time together and we want you to feel confident in your decisions when it comes to food and what type of cardio you need to do in between our workout sessions.

We will work with you as a team to get you to your goals. We bring the workout to your home gym with our one-on-one private training and/or you can go to the gym using our app (it’s like we are right there with you). When training in your home we will bring all the fun toys we will need, all we ask is that you have some dumbbells, a mat, and a stability ball as those are harder to transport and we provide everything else.

Now, stop following the crowd, and let’s work together to design a balanced healthy lifestyle for you…

Julie Wilcoxson


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Get fit on your own pace

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